We specialise in research with a focus on LGBTI inclusion. We have conceptualised, designed and delivered various types of studies, from large-scale roll-outs to smaller scale analyses.

Types of Research We Conduct

  • KAPB surveys: This type of survey is useful for understanding what knowledge already exists on a topic as well as understanding feelings and perceptions of people and how this impacts on their behaviour.
  • Impact assessments: We use a variety of economic models to provide predictions for certain areas that impact an organisation.
  • Needs, gap and situational analyses. These shorter-term investigations are specific, targeted and quick to implement, with results being able to be acted upon fast.

Tools We Use

We use a blend of traditional tools, such as focus groups and paper-based questionnaires, and electronic tools such as online surveys. In addition, we offer various presentation formats for research data, methodology and results.

Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation

We build planning, monitoring and evaluation into every programme we conceptualise and deliver. We believe these must be needs-driven, utilisation-focused and participatory in nature. While Enza maintains a strong external, objective stance as evaluators, our approach is to be as participatory as possible so that all stakeholders are included in the process.